Sunday, 5 March 2017

Nowadays the riders are upset about the surge charges and extra money they have to pay while travelling by a cab. Whereas on the other hand the drivers are upset too as they don’t have any say in selecting the route and the price decided by cab aggregators. They also have to pay extra cancellation charges if they cancel any ride.
The companies change rules often and this makes life of the drivers difficult as they have to pay for vehicle maintenance and EMI.

For all these problems there is one solution which is the Vihik App. This beneficial and valuable app helps the riders to bid their price and then select on the basis of which driver is nearby and based on the driver’s rating and price. Vihik app will act as customer and driver friendly app.

The driver also has the advantage of selecting the ride. He can select on the basis of the route he wants to take and the price he wants to charge. Call and chat options are also given for a
better communication between the rider and the driver. This App also takes a good care of the security for its customers. If the cab is not booked through this application then numbers will not be shared.

Vihik is developing an artificial intelligent conversational chat bot named as Vihik bot to make bookings easily. Customer can ask questions and chat-bot will automatically understand customer needs and make cab bookings. Customers can use it in two ways either through website or through mobile app for making bookings.

Customers can provide N number of  future trips in trip planner too.Our bot will pickup the trips ahead of the customer pickup time and help customers in future rides.

Drivers can also run promotions for customers through the app and customers can purchase the offers run by drivers to reduce the cost of travel. Example will be like vehicle owner can run a promotion as 10 trips for a distance of 100Km’s for a price of 600Rs valid till the end of the year.
These types of offers are shown on customer app so that customers can purchase the offers and use it for subsequent trips.

Drivers are also given additional features to maintain cancellations either freely or based on percentage of the trip amount. Drivers can also set their route using route planner so that they can get trips near to their location according to route planner.

Post Launch Vihik will also introduce loyalty programs like gold, silver and bronze so that customers can earn loyalty points which can be redeemed for later rides.

Vihik App is the latest application which is launched by Srimayi Innovations Pvt Ltd from T-Hub Hyderabad. This app helps its customers to travel at cheap price. After the successful app like Vihik. Srimayi Innovations also has plans to move more in the fields of transportation especially in autos, cars, bikes, Trucks and other sectors of self-drive, out-station, parking and park and earn.

We are available now in Hyderabad. Vihik will expand to all major cities in India by 2018.

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